• Hot Tubs

    Our wide selection of hot tubs will have you soaking up the relaxation in no time.

  • BBQs & Smokers

    We do grilling right with barbecues and smokers for every budget.

  • E-Bikes / Mobility

    Have a look at our wide selection of electric bikes, mobility scooters, ATVs, and pitibikes.


About us

Meet Bill and Dave.

 Who better to start a business with than your long-time pal and neighbour? As Airdrie residents, Bill and Dave have a passion for ensuring their backyard is a place where they can welcome guests and entertain. ​

They began Airdrie Backyard & Leisure to ensure customers receive high-quality products that will stand the test of time in their own backyards. 

​Come pay them a visit! 

At Airdrie Backyard & Leisure, we're all about supporting you in building an incredible home; and a big part of that is your backyard! Whether you're looking for a smoker to feed some quality meats to your guests, or a hot tub to entertain your friends & family, our store has an incredible selection of products to choose from. 

We want to ensure you are absolutely satisfied with your purchase and offer a price match guarantee to all our customers.